witness (plural witnesses)

  1. attestation of a fact or event .
    She can bear witness, since she was there at the time.
  2. One who has a personal knowledge of something.
    As a witness to the event, I can tell you that he really said that.
  3. Someone called to give evidence in a court.
    The witness for the prosecution did not seem very credible.


7 letters in word "witness": E I N S S T W.

Anagrams of witness:

Words found within witness:

en ens es ess est ests et ewt ewts in ins inset insets is it its ne neist ness nest nests net nets new news newt newts nie nies nis nisse nit nite nites nits sei seis sen sens sent senti sents set sets sew sewin sewins sewn sews si sien siens sient sients sin sine sines sinew sinews sins sis sist sit site sites sits snies snit snits st stein steins sten stens stew stews stie sties swies swine swines swits te ten tens tes tew tews ti tie ties tin tine tines tins tis twin twine twines twins we wen wens went wents west wests wet wets win wine wines wins wis wise wisent wises wisest wiss wist wists wit wite wites wits

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